Grants in Motion

These grants represent examples of just some of our recent collaborations. What we can accomplish is limited only by your imagination. Tell us your plan, and together, we'll feed some kids. If you're looking to apply for grant funding, visit our application page.

Every group that works with No Child Goes Hungry builds a hunger advocacy program specifically tailored to fit the needs of their community. While every group shares a similar goal, to eliminate childhood hunger, individual grant recipient organizations have the flexibility to build programs that work best for them and their local populations. We are proud that 100 percent of your donation goes toward feeding hungry kids and educating groups about the challenge of hunger in their communities.

Little free pantry funding
Bethesda, Maryland

River Road Unitarian Universalist

is bringing neighbors together in their quest to end childhood hunger. RRUUC built a Little Free Pantry where those in need can find food supplies and snacks. Thanks to funds provided by NCGH, RRUUC was able to fill the pantry with easy-to-use items like juice boxes, granola bars, single-serving fruit cups, soups, and noodle cups.

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Reynoldsburg, OH

HEART Food Pantry

is feeding children in low-income homes on weekends when the students are without the aid of school-based subsidized meals. With support from NCGH, the HEART Food Pantry’s BackPack program provides children in need with nutritious food and snacks on Friday afternoons that children can take home in their backpack and rely upon through the weekend.

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Columbia, MD

Unitarian Universalist Congregation

is helping ensure no child goes to bed hungry in their community. They built a Little Free Pantry available to anyone in need of healthy food or snacks. Thanks to a much-needed donation from NCGH, they stocked the pantry with easy-to-use items like juice boxes, granola bars, single-serving fruit cups, soups, and noodle cups.

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Syracuse, NY

Syracuse City School District

The Blessings in a Backpack program offers a means to provide food for children within the City of Syracuse who are in food insecure households. With a $1,000 donation from NCGH, directed to Dr. King Elementary School, the district will be able to supply ten more children with food over the weekend for an entire school year. 

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Burke, VA


partners with Halley Elementary School to provide weekend meal packs for 20 students every week. The school distributes packs on Fridays to ensure the students have food over the weekends. Accotink sponsored an outreach monetary collection for this program and a bin to receive specific items throughout the year.

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Fairfax, Virginia


The Food4Thought program provides
local elementary schools with supplies to send kids home with food on the
weekends. The recipients are families who otherwise would have little or nothing to eat. Grants from No Child Goes Hungry have helped the staff at six different elementary schools feed their kids who need it most.

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Petersburg, NY


is committed to ending racism and injustice in our food system. They grow food, train the next generation of activist-farmers, mentor young people, and contribute to the movements for food sovereignty and self-determination. A grant from NCGH helps support their low-income farm share distribution program, which provides food delivery to families impacted by poverty.

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One_Earth_ Ministry
Hollis Hills, NY


provides foods and snacks to children in need across multiple local villages. With the help of a grant from No Child Goes Hungry they expanded their donation efforts. Even though most donations have to be bussed or flown in, a grant for food goes a long way. One Earth Conservation helped ten more villages in 2018 thanks to the received financial contribution.

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Islamic Circle of North America
Alexandria, VA


partners with their local Virginia mosque, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA VA) to support hunger relief efforts. The initial grant No Child Goes Hungry provided was used for the ICNA Relief Food Panty project. Thanks to this valuable collaborative effort, 60 children from 34 families in need received critical food assistance in February and March of 2016.

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