Grants in Motion

Every group who works with No Child Goes Hungry builds a hunger advocacy program specifically tailored to fit the needs of their own communities. While every group shares a similar goal, to eliminate childhood hunger, individual grant recipient organizations have the flexibility to build programs that works best for them and their local populations. We are proud that 100% of your donation goes towards feeding hungry kids and educating groups about the challenge of hunger in their own communities. Here is a sample of organizations that work with No Child Goes Hungry and the programs they have developed.

Columbia, Maryland

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

partners with two local elementary schools to support their Blessings in the Backpack program. This program sends backpacks of food home with children on weekends and holidays to ensure families have enough to eat even when children aren't in school. At UUCC volunteers shop, pack and deliver monthly meals, and the congregation participates in food drives that have provided over 3,100 meals so far.

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Wilmington, NC

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Wilmington

added additional funds to their grant to partner with Nourish NC, a non- profit that feeds local children. NourishNC provides food over weekends and school breaks, brings food directly to parks and food desert areas to share with children and their families and restocks local food pantries. As a ripple effect of the No Child Goes Hungry grant, UUFW now shares their weekly offering with several organizations in their community to help those in need. Some of the groups UUFW has donated to include local school programs, mental health programs, and domestic violence programs.

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Burke, VA

Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church

partners with nearby Halley Elementary School to provide weekend meal packs for 20 students every week. The school counselor distributes these packs on Fridays, to ensure the students have nutritious food to eat over the weekends. Accotink children and families energetically assemble the bags several times throughout the year. To supplement their grant, Accotink sponsored an outreach monetary collection designated for this program, and has setup a bin to receive specific food items throughout the year.

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Fairfax, Virginia


is a non-profit that serves people in need
throughout Fairfax County, Virginia. The Food4Thought program provides
local elementary schools with supplies to send kids home with food on the
weekends. The recipients are families who otherwise would have little or nothing to eat. Grants from No Child Goes Hungry have helped the staff at six different elementary schools feed their kids who need it most.

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Bethesda, Maryland

River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

partners with South Lake Elementary School to add funds to children’s lunch accounts with low or zero balances when families can't afford to replenish the accounts. Children who have no money in their accounts don’t eat lunch. Funds discreetly added to accounts ensure children eat a healthy meal at lunchtime. So far this project has provided 333 meals.

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Alexandria, VA

Friends of Guest House

provides comprehensive support to women reentering the community after incarceration. This summer, Friends of Guest House provided a year-end barbecue in August for the women and their families served by all FOGH programs (Residential, Aftercare, Outreach) and used money from their No Child Goes Hungry grant to buy food, drinks and snacks for all. 

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Alexandria, VA

Mount Vernon Unitarian Church

partners with their local mosque, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA VA). The initial grant NCGH provided was used for the ICNA Relief Food Panty project. Because of this collaboration, 60 children from 34 families in need received food in February and March of 2016. 

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Minneapolis, MN

First Universalist Church of Minneapolis

partners with The Sheridan Story
to help combat food insecurity for children within the Minneapolis school system. Funds raised by First Universalist helped The Sheridan Story provide meals on weekends for local children. In addition, First Universalist held a food drive and was able to donate a substantial amount of food toward The Sheridan Story program.

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Petersburg, NY

Picture Soul Fire Farm Institute

is committed to ending racism and injustice in our food system. They grow life-giving food for the community, train the next generation of activist-farmers, mentor young people, and contribute to the movements for food sovereignty and self-determination. A grant from No Child Goes Hungry will help support their low-income farm share distribution program, which provides doorstep delivery of fresh food to refugee, immigrant, and other families impacted by poverty.

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Bloomington, Indiana

Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington

partners with KAP (Kids with Absent Parents) as they offer services and support to children of incarcerated parents and their parents and caregivers. A grant from No Child Goes Hungry will be used to provide families with a healthy lunch at their bi-monthly events and send each family home with a bag of groceries.

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Washington DC

Washington Ethical Society

is waiting for a refugee family to be granted access to the United States. The NCGH grant will provide food for the refugee family for three months while they adjust to life in the United States, find jobs, and settle into their new environment.

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Hollis Hills, NY

One Earth Conservation

provides foods and snacks to children in multiple villages with the help of the NCGH grant. Even though most donations have to be bussed or flown in, a grant for food goes a long way. One Earth Conservation helped ten more villages in 2018 from their grant.  

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